The ISMRM 2015 Tractography Challenge

DWI data

Data description

The clinical-style challenge dataset consists of a 2mm isotropic diffusion acquisition, with 32 gradient directions, b-value=1000 s/mm2. It also contains one b=0 image and an optional b=0 volume, with reversed phase-encoding direction. Additionnaly, a T1-like image is provided.

From left to right: DWI, fieldmap and T1.


All datasets refer to the same “subject”. All files necessary to run the standalone scoring script – config file, masks of the bundles (along with the ground-truth bundles) – are available in the Tools tab.

Basic dataset

  • Link here.
  • Contains the DWI, the field map, the T1 image and the gradients information.
  • md5: 6ab9c875709e73ab394a09aac66356ff
  • Updated on 2015-03-06. Changes: new readme file.
Dataset with additional, reversed-phase b=0

  • Link here.
  • Contains the same datasets as the basic dataset, with an additional B=0 image, with the reversed phase-encoding direction.
  • md5: a08671a9e302d84af18bd391d70cb671
  • Added on 2015-04-01.
Files used to generate the Ground Truth DWI

  • Link here.
  • The files of this archive can be used with Fiberfox to generate the ground truth DWI datasets. See included Readme file for more information.
  • md5: c7c874a28dc24773afcbc5afa6293257
  • Was added on 2015-07-20.
Ground truth, artifact-free DWI

  • Link here.
  • The ground truth Diffusion Weighted Image, without any artifact. Includes the gradients information.
  • md5: 2bfc6b19136f10e8ee10079fa0c53274
  • Was updated on 2015-07-20.

Archive integrity verification

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